Pride and Progression

When Skills Plateau

Photo Credits to Kim Castellon

Photo Credits to Kim Castellon

You’re reading this, so I’m assuming that, like me, you love riding your bike – particularly your mountain bike. Hopefully, you ride that machine on dirt and not just long, hot, boring pavement.

I’ve had an issue percolating in my head for a while now. It’s that significant so much so that I’m actually reviving this nearly forgotten blog. We love this sport.

No, no, we LOVE this sport.

We live it, we breath it, we have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s what consumes our idle time from Monday to Friday, getting us day dreaming of being able to go out and ride on the weekends, sharing our adventures with friends, telling stories about it to our wives, our loved ones, our buddies.

A sport? Nay, I correct myself, this is a passion, a way of life, even. But, the thing with this sport is that progression is always an important and omnipresent thing.

Like in mountain climbing, the more you know, the more you get to push yourself, but at the same time, the safer you are. In order to push limits, the best riders know where those limits are first – and then they flirt with the line. That thin line that says “you’re one dumb motherf*cker for trying that” on one side and “let’s do this buddy, we can cross that off of our to-do list“. Progression of our skills in this sport, whether one wants to admit it or not, is important.


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I Want

My mom used to tell me that there are things that we WANT and things that we NEED.

The NEEDS are the priority. The WANTS are luxuries that we can either do without or work hard for. I’ve learned that if I worked hard enough and saved enough, the WANTS can be mine.

So… I want.

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Back in the Loop

Finally back at the Killer Loop after almost two years. First time I was there, I felt like such a noob. I was just a year into having my first full suspension bike. At that point, I hadn’t ridden anything on the scale of Bataan’s Killer Loop and I was definitely in for it. The smile was wiped from my face by the time we ended that day. Read about my first visit here: Bakbakan sa Bataan.

So what happened on my second visit? Well… read on

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New Baby Brother?

I have recently become a big fan of Titus Cycles… given that I’m on a Titus El Guapo I kinda feel like that’s a given.

Anyways, I’ve been researching on what they (Titus) has been busy with lately and the El Guapo 29er and “TR26” – trail version of the El Guapo have been in the pipe for quite a while. I haven’t seen many built bike photos of these… until tonight.

Presenting the El Guapito

Screen shot from the PinkBike forums

Screen shot from the PinkBike forums

I hope the owner or Titus don’t mind… but DAAAANG, the bike looks good.

Yes, of course, it looks like your El Guapo.

True, but it stands a tad bit straighter than the current EG – the link on this one looks shorter, however the fork looks as slack. I dig how this has 130mm in the back and 160mm up front. Not something you see or hear everyday. I hope Titus get this out soon… as well as their 29ers.

Good job Brant & Co.

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I have to relearn how to embed PinkBike and VIMEO videos on here 😦 Anyone got any ideas? hahaha.

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It’s Been a While [Pt. 2]

Holy crap… I hate the fact that I’ve been so quiet on here. My most sincerest apologies my liege.

SO what have I been up to?

Proud to say I’ve been able to do my very first Enduro race! Okay, it was a Mini-Enduro, but still… first race baby, oh yeah!

Was dead tired. And after all those crashes… well, I’m glad I got to finish.

So I’ll be cross posting on here:

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1,001 Words

They say a picture says a thousand words… so:



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It’s Been A While [Pt 1]

WOW… it’s been a while since I posted anything here HAHAHA. I feel guilty – I always told myself that I wouldn’t leave this blog hanging. Oh well… I’m merely human.

Business at work and business with ATTACKmtb stuff hasn’t given me much time to post anything on here aside from the odd blurb and reposts. I had hoped that those would be enough, but it didn’t feel right…

Anyways, I’ll make this a 2 part ‘updater’ on what I’ve been up to… I promise it’ll be interesting because it’s full of photos and videos… if you’re in the mood to read, you’re in luck because I’ll be linking this up to my Enduro Diary on

So read on if you’re bored or want to waste time productively (HAHAHA get it?).

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Not That Again… Again.

My previous article was actually just a window or link to bring you to NSMB’s great series of articles on Wheelsize by Keith Scott.

Here’s the link to Part III: Educating the Debate Part III

Before you read on though… I’d encourage you to check this video out from

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Not That Again…

Yes, this again. Seriously, these articles are worth the time if you’re considering wheel size options. I’m honestly still not so sold on a 29er but if I could afford one, I’d get one.. just for the heck of it. They seem fine in straight lines and long sweeping turns, but tight twisty trails? Hmmmm… not so sold yet. Anyone care to lend me a 29er for a significant amount of time? hahaha. That’s a serious inquiry btw.

Anyways, read up. Thanks

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