Not Quite Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law:

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong

GoPro Hero 3 + GoPro App = Great Action shots

GoPro Hero 3 + GoPro App = Great Action shots

We were supposed to meet up at 7am, but coming from a week where I slept at midnight or 1am almost every night, my body wanted to make the most of the time it had. Strike one. 7am meet up is moved to ’round about 7:30am.

I get dropped off at my parents’ house, just several kilometers from the trail head (my wife needed the car). I pack my extra gear away in my mom’s house (extra clothes, plastic bags, etc; all those things you need after a ride basically). I get all my essential biking gear ready, double check what I need and hurry out of the Subdivision just to get at the meeting place by 7:30am. Just a hundred or so feet from the house I hear the treads of my rear tire on the pavement – a sign of a soft/flat tire. True enough, I was just running on less than 20psi. I forgot to check the air before leaving… smart move. Strike two.

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Photo Credits: [Wikipedia]

So I put the bike aside with my mom’s neighbors looking at me in an odd manner, they thought it was weird that a guy clad in full biking battle gear was in front of their house pissed off at a tire. I take out the pump, lock it on the valve and inflate the tire vigorously – I didn’t want to be late. In my haste, I got the tire inflated to 35+psi in not time, but, as I pulled the pump off the valve, I had inadvertently bent the core – that screw like thing in the middle. On it’s own it was fine, but as soon as I put the cap on or tried to ride, the air would seep out of the broken core. Great. Strike three.

At this point, it was officially a BAD DAY because of the ‘three strikes’. But alas, things wouldn’t end there.

I knew if I pumped up the wheel to 40 psi I had enough time to ride at the meet up place by our 7:30am so I did. 40psi, check, and roll!

True enough, I get there with my rear tire looking like it had 10 or so psi in it. Was kind of freaked out by the descent (Batasan-San Mateo Road going to Gen. Luna Ave) so I took a while going down. Maybe that made the air leak out faster?

7:30am crawls along and still no Jopet – apparently his dad, unexpectedly used his car and didn’t inform him about it, so he had to get everything ready (gear, bike rack, etc.) in/on his dads Honda. Strike four.

I ask Jopet if we can get an inner tube since I forgot my brand new one in the car (Strike five?). We stop at a bike shop (that shall not be named for I desire not to defame or put down anyone) near the trail. I guess their proximity to the trail head means a premium price on some extra parts? I dunno.  I bought my Kenda inner tube for 25% more than what I’d pay for. OUCH. And I discover that I got the wrong size (1.9″ to 2.125″ rather than the one that could go up to 2.5″) Frustrating isn’t it? Strike five!

We meet up, I get in the car and as we drive towards the trail (Timberland), Jopet realizes that he’s left the GoPro mounts at home. U-turn. We speed back to his house, which wasn’t that far, thankfully, and get his mounts. As he got out of the car he says, “It’d be funny if I had brought the chest harness but forgot that I put it in the car!” We laugh at the thought… but as he went into his house I checked the backseat. Lo and behold, I see a mass of garterized straps and buckles. He had brought it. Just as I picked up the harness, he walks out of the house with an exasperated look.  Good thing we try to mount my GoPro then and there because he had apparently forgotten that he forgot the chest harness mount (this part) in the house and that’s what we were going back for, not the harness itself. Strike six.

We get to the Timberland gate almost an hour delayed from our original ride out time. We didn’t mind – I had until early in the afternoon and he didn’t have any pressing engagements so we weren’t as stressed by the delays. We stop at the gate, he gives his ID, as per protocol.

The guard stoops down and smiles, “Sir, the trails have been reserved for today by the Waldorf School. They have a fun run. You can’t bike there today.” he says in Filipino. Strike seven? But I think this one was kind of a huge pain in the ass considering it negated the reason for getting up early and all the hassles that came with preparing to bike. So we can label this Strike seven to ten.


We look at one another and just decide to try the trail beside Aling Tina’s – supposedly called Divine Mercy. No idea why, but I’d rather call it Aling Tina’s.

We climb up the incline to the start of the trail and it was a glorious site. Harkor bikers were already there shredding. And I mean shredding the trails. It was fun just watching and learning as we did. We even got free lessons from them.

Saw two kids with them and it was great seeing them, at such a young age, be so good at biking. And they were really listening and taking to heart what they were hearing from their coach.

These kids are the future of MTBing in the PHL.

These kids are the future of MTBing in the PHL.

So we got crackin’ – put the GoPro on (R2D2 as I’d like to call it) with Jopet’s chest mount and start rollin’.

IMG_1688So, even though this eventful day had so many things go wrong, even if we had to scramble to get help for a newbie who had a face plant, even if we didn’t get the GoPro’s angle right and even if we ran out of batteries for the better laps/runs, it was all in all a good day (because we got to ride). Not quite Murphy’s Law as we didn’t crash, get injured or it didn’t rain, seeing Dante on the trail was a blessing too (Thanks for the free tutorials bro).

My first ride with the GoPro was pretty much a memorable one. Tons of fun! It was, honestly, unexpected considering we had something big this weekend that was cancelled due to uncontrollable circumstances.

I’m looking forward to more rides with R2D2 and more ride edits.


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4 Responses to Not Quite Murphy’s Law

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  2. sysdev1 says:

    Things happen sometimes… hehehe. Difficult as it may seem, we still have some things for which we can be thankful.

    Ride on!

    • aimforharkor says:

      You got that one right!

      And just to add to that, sometimes, even the little things such as going around a dirt path on two wheels, is worth all the hassles that the world can throw at us. Don’t you agree? haha.

      Thanks bro!

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