Aim for What?

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Harkor: [Hahr-khor]:


1. To have big brass balls; being gutsy and committed to try or attempt something perceived as tough, dangerous, crazy, or borderline stupid, “Going downhill on this trail will be harkor.“, “He jumped that 8 foot gap and did that 6 foot drop, he’s harkor!

2. To be Gnarly or Radical. Challenging or difficult to the point of achieving such would lead to stokeage/being stoked. “That trail was so harkor, my head nearly blew up.“, “HAAAARRRRRKOOOOOOORRRR!!!

The Blog’s Backstory:

What a NOOB! Me and my very first bike. Biking had always been something I liked doing but in 2011, it became a passion that moved me to come up with this blog.

I’ve been mountain biking since May 26th, 2011 (the day I bought my first bike) and I’ve been a consumer, reader and viewer of anything mountain bike related a month or two before that. Since then I’ve been immersing myself in mountain bike videos, articles and forums to supplement what I learn from riding trails – both solo and with my bike buddies (and mentors). Today, mountain biking has become more than a sport or a hobby for me. It has become a passion, a way to de-stress from the demands of corporate life and a way to build (and even nurture) relationships, both old and new.

So why come up with a blog?

As I grew, both as a mountain biker and reader/consumer of mountain biking content, I’ve come to realize that, we as Filipinos, are avid fans of whatever content we find online. We share, discuss and talk about the content – whether it’d be product reviews, ride journals, bike news and such. However, not much is written about the local biking scene nor about what it is to be a mountain biker here in Manila (or the Philippines for that matter).

Since I had this burden to help and to write, with the support of my wife and friends, I decided to embark on this journey of making/writing/managing this blog in the hopes that one day it’ll have as many readers (and hopefully writers) as the more popular and much read Western sites.

I am in no way, shape or form an expert at this. I’m just a guy who loves mountain biking, who is serious about it and loves to share what he knows and reads. So I hope you enjoy reading and browsing through the site. And I hope that your passion and fire for the sport was fueled by the entries, photos and videos found (or linked) here. May we both cross paths as we Aim for Harkor.

– Francis


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